Craig Leashes 

  Braided Falconry Equipment at a reasonable price

Falconry leashes and Jesses with Sennit Rose Knots.

I began making braided falcon and hawk leashes and jesses
several years ago when I found it very difficult to purchase
equipment that raptors could not destroy. I tried several different
materials and have come up with a durable
dacron/polyester blend that is long lasting and stands
up well to any hawk or falcon that attempts to
destroy their equipment. In addition to the above
qualities, the material when braided into a leash
holds a falconers knot that is tight and not easily
untied by a curious hawk or falcon. All of my systems
have a Sennit Rose knot woven in which acts as
a button for the jesses and extenders.  The knot is
very functional as well as an attractive way to complete
the system.

I make leashes and jesses in all sizes; from a lite
material for small hawks and falcons all the way up
to a large eagle size. All of my leashes and jesses
have been field tested and proved very dependable.
I also will do custom braiding to your specifications.

Please  e-mail to discuss your braided
falconry equipment needs.
Thanks for dropping by the website!
Mike Craig

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